Sustainable Development Goals

The demand of voices around the world for leadership on poverty, inequality, and climate change increasingly drew the attention of world leaders on the platform of the UN. In an approach to turn these demands into workable action, 193 world leaders representing the UN member states as well as global civil society, gathered on the 25th of September, 2015 at United Nations in New York, through a deliberative process, adopted the 2030 agenda ‘titled transforming our world’. The 2030 agenda comprises of 17 goals and 169 targets contained in paragraph 54 United Nations Resolution A/RES/70/1 of 25 September 2015.

The objective was to produce a set of universally applicable goals that balance the three dimensions of sustainable development: environmental, social, and economic.

The Global Goals replaced the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), which in September 2000 rallied the world around a common 15-year agenda to tackle the indignity of poverty. Universally accepted measurable objectives were set by the MDGs to eradicate extreme hunger and poverty, prevent deadly but treatable diseases, and expand educational opportunities to all children amongst other development imperatives which the MDGs successfully tackled.

With a target to compliment the goals of the MDGs, the need for an extra mile to end hunger, achieve full gender equality, improve health services and get every child into school led to further sustainable development goals.

The goals are aimed at finishing the jobs that the MDGs started, and leaving no one behind.

Providing improved livelihoods and protect the planet for future generations!

SDG Nigeria

The Nigerian Journey towards the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals began in September 2000, the office of the Senior Special Assistant to the President on MDGs (OSSAP-MDGs) was created. However, records of the debt relief by the Paris Club gave Nigeria the opportunity to generate resources for OSSAP-MDGs whose responsibility was to guide the resources freed up from the debt deal to MDG-related projects and programmes, whilst at the same time tracking, monitoring and evaluating their progress.
In accordance with the 2005 Report of MDGs Nigeria, Nigeria had a high potential to attain the Millennium Development Goals on


  • Achieving universal primary education
  • Ensuring environmental sustainability
  • Developing a global partnership for development
  • Eradicating extreme hunger and poverty

Reports revealed the need for a sustained effort to achieve the other goals.

As a strategy to successfully achieve the Millennium Development Goals, the OSSAP-MDGs under statutory authority created project support units in the different states of Nigeria, with the mandate to implement grass root development projects for the different states.

In line with Global demands and commitment to the sustainable development of the country, Nigeria has successfully proceeded in transit from Millennium Development Goals to Sustainable Development Goals. As part of the strategy developed to enhance this transition, the following actions are being considered holistically at the point of implementation; the institutional framework, policy and legal framework, partnerships, monitoring and evaluation, human resources framework, communications, and financing.

  • To improve livelihoods and protect the planet for future generations
  • Realizing the future we want
  • Leave no Nigerian behind.
  • Integrate the SDGs in an inclusive & people-centred manner.
  • Focus on institutional and policy strengthening.

SDGs Gombe State Project Support Unit (PSU) is set up to plan and implement development projects in line with the SDGs to meet grass root development need.

The Gombe State PSU works hand-in-hand with the State Government and Local Government heads to access local communities for project implementation

SDGs NYSC CDS Group - We Carry Out PET Development Projects and Campaigns to Better The Communities in Which We Serve.

SDGs CDS under the NYSC

The Sustainable Development Goals collaborates with NYSC through the Community Development Service (CDS) platform to give Youth Corp members serving across the various States of the country an opportunity to participate in the development initiatives of the SDGs.

Corp Members assigned to the SDGs CDS group carry out enlightenment programmes such as; pep talks, awareness campaigns and minor community projects in line with the Sustainable Development Goals.